Racist or realist?

Racist or realist? by Peter Burrows 2/27/23

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, is being called a racist when I think he’s just being a realist. Watch this for five and a half minutes from 13:25 and make up your own mind.  

I also think he’s being petulant. Plenty of GOOD blacks to side with, eg guys like Alan West, Bob Woodson, Glen Loury, Tom Sowell and ladies like Star Parker, Candace Owens, Carol Swain, Winsome Sears, Amala Ekpunobi (!) etc. etc.  

Piss on the rest. 

Adams has the wherewithal to move away from black neighborhoods. What about all the other good, law-abiding people who can’t afford that luxury? 

My advice to the good people who live where black punks roam the streets, car-jack, home-invade, shop-lift and shoot people, all without any effective law enforcement because that would be racist, is to buy a handgun and carry it with you at all times.  

Be prepared to use it. The politicians won’t let the cops clean up our cities, so it’s up to you.  

There are 26 constitutional-carry states where a permit to carry a concealed handgun is not required. If you live in a state that does require a permit, you may want to make like the hoodlums and punks and go ahead and carry without a permit. That’s a risk-benefit analysis you’ll have to make.  

Here in New Mexico, the progressive legislature refused to increase the penalties for drug dealers who carry a gun considering how dangerous their occupation is, so maybe you want to buy a little fentanyl to put it in your pocket next to your gun.  

That’s all the proof you need to realize that white liberals are NOT serious about gun control or crime. Piss on them, too. 


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