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Yen For Ben Part Two

Yen For Ben, Part Two  by Peter Burrows – 9/25/14

In Yen For Ben part one, I briefly outlined why I will support Dr. Ben Carson for president, should he decide to run. I encourage those who feel as I do to sign the “Run Ben Run” online petition, easily accessible via Google.

Dr. Carson would like to see a flat tax, health savings accounts, voter ID cards, school choice and tort reform.  Me too.  While just one of those positions by any politician would go a long way toward getting my vote, all those issues are trivial compared to the big, big reason to vote for Dr. Ben Carson.

The number one reason is that he recognizes the seriousness of the threat from Islamic terrorists. This threat means, in his words: “we must have airtight borders.” He calls this part of a “logical defense” in our war against terrorism.

At long last, someone who recognizes we must get serious about border security, even if that means offending those who want to continue our de facto policy of open borders.  By all means, let us start offending those delicate souls who think that sealing the border is “racist.” Those same morons probably run around saying “Islam is peace.”

The Islamic terrorists must think we are really, really stupid to allow those twin pillars of political correctness to endanger our very existence. They are right.

Dr. Carson sees such “political correctness” at the heart of disunity and divisiveness in America. To quote page 12 of his book One Nation:  “Self-appointed political correctness police (PCP) have set up speech guidelines that go far beyond the requirements of kindness, good manners education and tact.”   Oh, yes indeed.

“Political correctness” prevents intelligent, unemotional discussions about some very important issues.  It makes cowards out of most of us.  For example, Attorney General Eric Holder was right when he said America was a nation of cowards on the race issue. We’re too cowardly to call Holder and President Obama the racist political opportunists they obviously are.

(I wrote a couple of articles last November, “Eric Holder Was Right, I & II.”  My list of personal prejudices engendered by affirmative action even got me branded a racist by one of the locals.  PCP in action, right here in Silver City!)

In an article in the 9/2/14 Washington Times, “Resisting the Islamic State’s Demand For Submission. Seeds of tyranny also grow where political correctness reigns,” Dr. Carson wrote, “The Islamic State (usually called ISIS) and the other advocates of Sharia law are growing rapidly, along with their zeal to eradicate or convert all ‘infidels.’ For those who are asleep at the wheel, in the opinion of these fanatics, most of Western civilization – including America – fits into the infidel category.”

He goes on to say, “I normally encourage conversation and compromise where possible, but how does one negotiate or compromise with someone who desires your elimination? — Obviously the expansion of groups like the Islamic State represents on existential threat to our nation and our way of life. If ever there was a time to work together for self-preservation, the time is now.”

He then offers some common sense: “When it comes to elimination of those trying to destroy us, we have to be smart enough to realize that we must have airtight borders to prevent easy access for terrorists. Some say this is too difficult. I guarantee that it is easier than trying to rebuild a nation that has been destroyed because we thought logical defense was too difficult. There is no question that unpleasantries brought about by our own forces will be necessary to accomplish our goals and defeat terrorism, but you cannot win a politically correct war.”

I suspect “unpleasantries” means some very un-PC things, but as he says, “you cannot win a politically correct war.”  Regardless, by whatever means, the border needs to be “airtight” as an act of national security. Period. Dr. Carson recognizes that, which gets my vote even though I suspect the Good Doctor is guilty of a little PC himself when he qualifies the Muslim terrorists as “fanatics.”

We cannot win a politically correct war against Islam. Period.