Take the “Who’s a racist?” quiz!

Take the “Who’s a racist?” quiz! By Peter Burrows 12/2/19 elburropete@gmail.com – silvercityburro.com

The political left in America worships at the altar of racism. In the Church of Racism, the original sin is to be white, which makes you a racist, whether you know it or not.  Also, in the Church of Racism, Republicans, especially MAGA Republicans, are all racists. This mindless belief could have tragic consequences.

Voltaire, the eighteenth-Century libertarian, had it right when he said, “He who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

Ironically, the political left is the real home of racism, and what is ALMOST humorous is that THEY are the ones who don’t even know it. You libs out there are thinking, “That’s outrageous, Burro! We are morally superior people who fight against racism in all its forms!”

If that’s so, then you should be able to pass my little quiz: “Who’s a racist?” It’s only three yes-or-no questions.  For the purposes of the quiz, a racist is someone who supports policies that have proven to be very harmful to our black brothers and sisters, whether you know it or not.

1) Do you support minimum wage laws?

I’m betting that 100% of you racist liberals voted “yes.”  Back in 1966, the economist Milton Friedman wrote in a Newsweek op-ed, “I am convinced that the minimum-wage law is the most anti-Negro law on our statute books.” The term “disparate impact” wasn’t used back then, but it fits, then and now.

Before minimum wage laws began to be raised in the early 1950’s, black teenage unemployment was LOWER than white teenage unemployment.  It soon rose to twice white teen unemployment, where it has remained for over 50 years.

There is no excuse for this. At the very least, minimum wage laws should not apply to teenagers.  Democrats won’t fight for that because their union masters won’t allow it. Republicans won’t fight for it because they are either ignorant or cowardly, maybe both.

2) Do you support school vouchers that would allow parents to choose their children’s school?

I bet 90% of you racist liberals voted “no” on that one. This is not 100% because many of you have had experience with lousy public schools, and some of you may have had the ability to send your kids to private schools, which is what Barrack and Michell Obama did when they were in the White House.

Given the horrendous results of ghetto schools today, school choice should be an option overwhelmingly supported by Democrats, but, alas, once again union power trumps racial justice.  And the Republicans? Sigh.

As in the case of minimum wage laws, the issue of inner-city school choice has been around a long time.  If you go to You Tube, you can find a 1981 Firing Line show hosted by William Buckley which featured the economist Thomas Sowell.  Toward the end of the show, Buckley invites a liberal lady “examiner” to ask Dr. Sowell some questions, one of which was about school choice.

Starting at about minute 39, you can see that the white lady just cannot accept the idea that uneducated inner-city mothers can make better school choices for their children than the education bureaucracy. I remember thinking to myself when I first saw this, “You hypocritical liberal elitist racist piece of shit,” or something to that effect. (In my youth, I was occasionally intemperate. Today, in my mellow old age, I would say, “piece of crap.”)

3) Do you support affirmative action?

I’m betting that you racist liberals are back to 100% “yes” on that one. You just can’t see that affirmative action is INHERENTLY racist, can you?  A cynic would say you want affirmative action in education to make sure that any black kid who manages to get a decent SAT score is put into a school where he or she will fail. You can then recruit another “victim” of racial discrimination.

It is tragic, for example, that a black kid in the 90th percentile SAT is recruited by a prestigious college Harvard, Yale, etc. to “token out” the enrollment numbers. They immediately plunge to the 10th percentile or lower of the student body. Then they flunk out, embittered and feeling like a victim, which in fact they ARE!

Those kids would have been perfectly happy and successful if they had joined me at Michigan State, or for that matter, enrolled at Western New Mexico.  After California voters, in a rare instance of common sense, banned affirmative action at California universities in 1998, minority graduation rates, THE important statistic, went UP! (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1996_California_Proposition_209)

To summarize: the Democrat Party supports minimum wage laws, affirmative action and denying black mothers school choice for their children. If you vote for a Democrat, just look in the mirror to see “Who’s a Racist?”

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