Illegal Drugs and Illegal Immigrants

Have you heard of political newcomer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? You will. The 28-year-old just won the Democratic primary in New York’s 14th Congressional District, beating an incumbent Democrat who had held the seat for 20 years — 20 years! — and who outspent her by a factor of eight. And it wasn’t even close: she beat him by 15 points.

How did she do it? It doesn’t hurt that she looks a little like Julia Roberts. She’s also an articulate campaigner who exudes warmth and self-confidence. She’s very likable, but the secret to her success may be that she’s a Hispanic who sounds like Bernie Sanders. She wants Medicare for all, tuition-free college, a guaranteed Federal job for everybody, and she’d abolish ICE and impeach Trump. Democrats around the country are enthralled.

However, before the lovely Ms. Ocasio-Ortiz becomes the Democratic nominee for President, they might want to consider the demographics of her district, as laid out by Star Parker in her July 4 column. The Census Bureau breaks down the demographics as 50% Hispanic, 9% black and 16% Asian; 45.8% are foreign born and 67.8% do not speak English at home.

This is not the demographic profile of America —-yet. Some of us horrid deplorables think that the Democratic party would like to see an America that looks like that. In fact, deplorable me thinks that if given the power, the Democrats would like to have open borders, instant citizenship, ballots in Spanish and a voting age of 10. (“If you’re old enough to go to the bathroom by yourself, you’re old enough to vote.”)

It wouldn’t be long before there would be a Constitutional Convention to do away with that pesky checks-and-balance BS that was imposed hundreds of years ago by a bunch of racist white men. No more First Amendment, no more Second Amendment and, Thank You God, no more Twenty Second Amendment. That’s the one that limited Presidents to two terms.

Barrack Obama would run again, and the vote would be so overwhelming that future elections would be considered a waste of time. Caudillo for li —-I mean, President for Life. Then we could fulfill the dream of New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who has said that it would be great if America could “be like China for a day, so we could do what’s right.” A day?? Don’t be such a piker, Tom. FOREVER!

Changing the demographics of America has been the long-range plan of the Democratic party for over 50 years, starting with the 1965 Immigration Reform Act. Here’s what Democratic consultant Patrick Reddy wrote in 1998:

“The 1965 Immigration Reform Act promoted by President Kennedy, drafted by Attorney General Robert Kenndy, and pushed through the Senate by Ted Kennedy has resulted in a wave of immigration from the Third World that should shift the nation in a more liberal direction within a generation. It will go down as the Kennedy family’s greatest gift to the Democratic Party.”

Hello, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Note that Reddy did not say this would be the Kennedy family’s greatest gift to AMERICA. Finally, a few of the stupidrepublicans (one word) are starting to wake up to what’s going on. I’m hoping the near-hysterical reaction to the Trump Administration’s pathetic border control efforts will wake up a few more.

On July 1, open borders advocates held over 700 rallies and marches around the country, one right here in Silver City, to protest the Trump Administration’s treatment of illegal immigrant families apprehended at our border with Mexico. The protesters don’t want children separated from their parents at detention centers.

In the short run, this is to protect children from predators in the general population of detainees. In the long run, incarcerated criminals are of course not accompanied by their families. Regardless, Trump caved to the pressure and ordered the military to prepare detention facilities that would accommodate family units. That’s OK by me. Very expensive, but no one likes to see children separated from their parents if it can be avoided.

Unfortunately, the response to this will be more illegal immigrants posing as “families” and the problem will be worse than before.

What to do?

The first step I would take would be to eliminate the asylum option. Today, anybody can walk up to our border and request asylum. The reason for the request doesn’t have to be that you are escaping political or religious persecution, the intended purpose of our asylum laws. For example, women can claim they are escaping domestic abuse, or men that they are escaping gang violence.

Typically, after a brief detention, most are given a date for an asylum hearing and then released, free to go Anywhere, USA. Over half don’t show for the hearing. After all, mission accomplished. Of those who do show, very few are granted asylum, e.g. less than 12% of requests from Hondurans, Guatemalans and El Salvadorans are actually granted. Those lucky folks get cash, medical care and a housing allowance.

Better than a green card, baby.

Predictably, when Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that the law did not include domestic abuse as sufficient grounds for asylum to be granted, he was attacked by Democratic Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi for his “staggering cruelty.” But as Sessions said, the asylum law “is not a general hardship statute.” If it was, every poor person in the entire world would qualify, PRECISELY WHAT THE DEMOCRATS WANT.

Ironically, the poverty these people are escaping is for the most part due to the political/economic realities of socialism and other totalitarian governments that inhibit individual economic freedom, the very thing the left-wing, open-borders crowd wants for America.

However, there is one class of asylum seekers who deserve our help: people escaping the consequences of America’s War on Drugs. Again, the problem is that every asylum seeker will claim to be fleeing the violence attendant to illegal drugs – and there is a Hell of a lot of violence.

Please read an article by Daniel Davidson in The Federalist, June 26, 2018: “With Cartels In Control, There Are No Easy Answers To The Border Crisis.”

Davidson wrote: “Violence in Mexico is out of control – and getting worse. National elections in Mexico are set for July 1, and so far, 121 political candidates, most of them running for local office have been assassinated, along with dozens of their family members. …across Mexico drug cartels have infiltrated local and state police forces, political machines, and major industries. Candidates who speak out against corruption …are especially in danger.”

Because of the Gringoes’ insatiable appetite for drugs, Mexicans are being murdered by the hundreds, many of them the very best people in their society. I don’t know why every decent human being in Mexico doesn’t hate our guts.

In 2014, the Rand corporation estimated the size of the illegal drug business in America at $100 billion. That is a BIG business. The irony is that it wouldn’t BE a big business without the war on drugs. The basic materials are cheap. The drugs are expensive because they are illegal. Legalize the drugs and most of the profit goes away, and so does most of the drug violence.

Therefore, the second step I would take to alleviate the border/illegal immigrant problem would be to end the war on drugs by legalizing the drug cartels’ big money makers: heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Some states have already legalized marijuana.

This is a discussion worth having, don’t you think? My next article will continue the topic.

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