Dear SPLC: Please add my blog to your list of Hate Groups. —

Dear Southern Poverty Law Center: Please add my blog to your list of Hate Groups. Thank you. Peter Burrows 6/2/17 –

Rodney Dangerfield had it good. “I don’t get no respect,” he’d say. Ha! El Burro don’t even get no DISRESPECT! Let me explain.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC, is a “progressive” organization which, according to their web site, fights hate, teaches tolerance, seeks justice and battles the forces of evil, a.k.a. Republicans. (OK, I made that one up.). They have for years maintained a list of “hate groups” and a list of people they call “extremists.” Some groups and people on their lists almost all of us would agree belong on those lists, such as the KKK and Louis Farrakhan.

Started in 1971, the SPLC was formed to provide legal backing for those blacks and whites fighting to end segregation and abuses of civil rights so prevalent in the South in those days. My understanding is that they were very successful and left a legacy all Americans should be proud of.

However, like so many other institutions formed to address a specific problem, the SPLC continues to soldier-on in spite of having outlived its usefulness. One of its new missions is to silence critics of Islam. Ironically, the vitriol, hostility and animosity the SPLC directs at those who openly oppose Islam has turned the SPLC itself into one of the very hate groups it so vigorously disapproves of.

By my count, the SPLC lists 47 “Anti-Muslim” hate groups in America, which is an inaccurate description of those I am familiar with, all of whom are not anti-Muslim but rather anti-Islam, an important distinction.

The SPLC puts these groups on the same list as the despicable KKK, a weak-minded equivalence. Also, they would like us to think that the growth in “anti-Muslim” groups is an ominous sign of increasing intolerance, when it is actually a sign of increasing awareness of the threat posed by devout followers of Islam.

The following “anti-Muslim” groups listed by the SPLC are definitely NOT hate groups by any objective standard. Check them out and judge for yourself: ACT For America; Jihad Watch; The Refugee Resettlement Watch; Political Islam; Understanding The Threat; Sultan Knish, a Blog by Daniel Greenfield; The Clarion Project; and Center for Security Policy. There are many more.

By calling the above anti-Islamic groups Hate Groups, the SPLC is guilty of monumental stupidity. They are defending the religion of Islam, a 1,400 year-old cult that has been, and continues to be, the most destructive, most murderous and longest-lived hate group ever to exist.

I would be honored to join the above list of “anti-Muslim” hate groups, but so far not a peep from the SPLC. Sigh. Please, show a little disrespect, OK?

I’ve written 19 articles on the foulness that is Islam (see below). All of these articles can be found at, and all, with one exception, were posted by The Grant County Beat. (See “Columns, Libertarian Leanings” for my most recent.) The one exception was “Slandering the Prophet,” which wasn’t posted because the publisher of The Grant County Beat was worried it would cause some devout Muslim to behead me — and her too!

What does it say about our country that people are afraid to exercise their free speech rights because that might offend somebody who would then think they have the right to kill you? Offensive speech should never be condoned, but as a general rule it should be protected unless it incites violence against others. Ironically, the Koran is full of just such incitements, and from Allah, no less.

Sadly, in the opinion of some, an imam quoting the Koran in a Mosque is exercising both freedom of speech and freedom of religion, while somebody on the street corner critically quoting the same passages from the Koran could be guilty of “hate speech” and guilty of inciting violence AGAINST THEMSELVES. In other words, the victim is the criminal!

Why is it so difficult for so many people to recognize the simple truth that the First Amendment does not protect criminality? You cannot falsely yell FIRE! in a crowded theater and you cannot murder people because they reject your religion. You cannot have four wives, kill homosexuals, stone to death adulterers, flog lesbians, slay pagans and kill your children and grandchildren with impunity. All Islamic law, folks, all ALLAH’S LAW!!

Why are we continuing to allow people who believe the above to immigrate to our country? Crazy, isn’t it?

Well, enough of that. Back to my request to get on the SPLC list. I say: Keep devout Muslims out of our country because many of them will be compelled by the evil religion of Islam to murder non-Muslims.

Don’t you think that should do it? Help me out folks. Report me to Tell them I’m BAAAAD!

I need this because I don’t have much to show for my time here on earth. Lots of folks have a page or two of praiseworthy accomplishments. Me? Not even a paragraph. A sentence or two? Nope. That’s why I need the SPLC to put me on their hate list. Then, when I approach the Pearly Gates, I won’t be summarily dismissed by Saint Peter.

I can hear him now: “Burro!? What are you doing up here? Why, look at this list of sins! It goes on forever, and, and —— Whoa! Wait a minute. You were put on the SPLC’s hate list for WHAT? For calling Islam EVIL?? Well, come on in, son. JESUS WANTS TO SHAKE YOUR HAND!!”

Something like that.

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