Hate Speech, Congress and the Prophet, Part 2

Hate Speech, Congress and the Prophet, Part 2 by Peter Burrows 2/20/16 elburropete@gmail.com silvercityburro.com

Donald Trump took a lot of flak from all sides of the political spectrum for saying this country should halt Muslim immigration and even Muslim tourism “until our representatives figure out what‘s going on.” Pundits across the political spectrum thought this display of “racism” xenophobia, whatever, would hurt Trump in the polls. Just the opposite. (1)

Obviously, there is a large and growing divide between the political classes’ protection of Islam and the public’s perception of Islam.  But tourists, too?  It turns out Trump was on to something.  The Department of Homeland Security recently reported that over 500,000 aliens overstayed their temporary visas in 2015, and that 482,000 are thought to still be here.

If it wasn’t for the reality of worldwide Islamic terrorism, this wouldn’t be of much concern. Unfortunately, 3,614 of those overstays were from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Pakistan, Syria and Yemen, and many are still unaccounted for.(2) This doesn’t include any Muslims who may have came in indirectly, i.e. via Latin America.

In Trump’s press release, he cited a poll of Muslims living in the U.S. that indicated 51% thought they should have the choice of American or sharia courts and that almost 25% thought violence against “those who give offense to Islam” was justified. (3)

The poll he cited has been criticized on its technical merits (4), but Trump could have easily cited a Pew poll of international Muslim attitudes, which also shows these are people no nation should welcome, e.g. 39% of the Muslims in Afghanistan support suicide bombings, as do 13% of the Pakistanis, 7% of the Iraqis, and Lord know how many from Yemen, Syria, Libya and Iran, nations not surveyed but which are all represented on the “missing tourist” list. (5)

What is wrong in Washington, D.C. that they  can’t or won’t recognize the threat from orthodox Islam, not “radical“ Islam, which is a redundancy?  People wonder at Trump’s popularity yet he’s the only one who has made the common sense observation that we should halt all Muslim entry until we can “figure out what’s going on.”

Given the virtual certainty that there will be more acts of Islamic terrorism in this country, and that some of those acts will be committed by the refugees the Obama administration is so eager to spread across the land, Trump is going to look pretty good for taking on the PC crowd, the “Islam is peace” crowd, the multiculturalists, and even the pacifists.

Both major political parties have members in good standing in one or more of those groups, but the Democratic Party will bear the brunt of criticism for future domestic Islamic terrorism simply because the Democrats have been so conspicuous in supporting Islam and immigration of Middle East refugees, with the most conspicuous Islamophile being President Obama.

His statement to the United Nations General Assembly that “The future must not belong to those who insult the Prophet of Islam” will go down in history right next to Neville Chamberlain’s “peace for our time.”  Perhaps his most public display of sheer stupidity was the exchange of  five Taliban murderers held at Guantanamo for the pathetic deserter Beau Bergdahl.

Obama was so proud of himself he had a press conference with Bergdahl’s parents.  Eventually, one or more of those released prisoners will achieve international infamy for some heinous act of terrorism. I guarantee it. It’s how they think: publicize the ex-Guantanamo bastard’s act as a big bird to the stupid Great Satan.

What is hard to believe is that Obama thinks closing Guantanamo will enhance his legacy.  Note to Obama: Your legacy is a cooked goose, buddy.   You may be the only ex-President to be tried for treason,  thanks to your release of so many Guantanamo prisoners who warred against us again, plus your shutdown of all surveillance of Mosques in the U.S. in 2011, an act of stupidity that defies reason. (6)

Put George “Islam is Peace” Bush in the docket, too.  He also released Guantanamo prisoners. Include Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House who approved a budget with expenditures to settle immigrant Syrian refugees.  Very short-sighted, very PC, and very stupid.

No wonder Trump is leading in the race for the 2016 Republican nomination.  He is a highly flawed candidate, but for many his approach to Islamic terrorism is THE overriding issue.

Some pundits have said that if Trump wins the Republican nomination, it will be the end of the Republican Party. Maybe. But what about the Democratic Party? After approving the resettlement of thousands of Middle East Muslim immigrants throughout America, they’re going to own the chaos that follows.

Probably the first group of Americans to feel the effect of the Muslim influx will be American Jews, who can expect an increase in hate crimes.  It may already be starting. (7) Why these long-time supporters of the Democratic party should accept the party‘s love affair with Muslims is beyond me.

That great Jew-hater Muhammad, in the two most revered “Gospels” of Islam, Sahih al-Bukari and Sahih Muslim, is quoted seven times saying something to the effect that on Judgment Day, Muslims will kill Jews and stones and trees will help by saying: “Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.” (8)

Why isn’t anybody quoting that sweet little gem from Muhammad?  Would doing so constitute “hate speech” against Muslims or against Jews?   At the moment, in our upside-down politically correct world, I suspect Muslims would think quoting the above from Muhammad would be hate speech directed at them. Go figure.

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