White math and the NFL

White math and the NFL by Peter Burrows elburropete@gmail.com 2/21/22 

My wife and I stopped watching professional football when they began playing a “black” national anthem before the games. That didn’t last long. Having spent many years in Wisconsin, we both suffer from Packerism, which is incurable, and we were soon watching the games again. 

I’m glad we did. The playoffs were terrific and an added bonus was seeing all those Covid-conscious fans wearing one or even two Fauci mandated masks. (Sarcasm libs, sarcasm.)  Also, the NFL is proof that all the rhetoric about “white privilege” and “systemic racism” against black Americans is just nonsense.  

I’m excluding the systemic reverse racism inherent in programs such as affirmative action and, especially, the dumbing down of academics so that more black kids can get “passing” grades. All the kids, black and white, know just what that means, and if that would have been tried in my high school, the black kids would have kicked your honkey ass. Of course, back then I don’t think ‘honkey’ was a word. It would have been your “white trash” ass that would have been kicked. 

Unfortunately, the current dumbing down efforts, e.g., teaching that the correct answer to a math problem is a “white” thing, are misguided attempts to address a real problem, one that didn’t exist when I graduated from high school in 1957. Back then, the black kids did just as well, on average, as the white kids. Now they don’t. What has changed? 

The black intellectuals I respect, e.g., Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Star Parker and others, lay much of the lame on the welfare programs that started in the mid 1960s which led to the destruction of the two-parent black family. The rise of the single parent, teen-mom ‘family’ was NOT a good way to raise a child, and many of those children did poorly in school.  

I would add that affirmative action also set up black kids who DIDN’T do poorly in secondary school to fail in colleges. When Thomas Sowell taught at Cornell back in the late 1960s, he saw black kids in his class who scored, on average, at the 75th percentile of SAT scores vs. Cornell’s white kids who averaged in the 99th percentile. The 75th percentile, by the way, is pretty damn good, way above the median score (50th.) Still, most of those black kids flunked out, and many were embittered, blamed racism etc. And they were RIGHT to blame racism, only it was reverse racism that did them in! 

This happened all over America as the elite schools sought to fill self-imposed quotas of black students, often at the expense of qualified Asian students. Most of those black kids didn’t have a chance. They paid the price for white liberal virtue signaling.  Most of them would have done very well with white kids like me at Michigan State. (Harvard, Yale, Duke, Princeton, Cornell, MIT etc., and ME? You’ve got to be kidding.)   

One of the tragic consequences of this reverse racism was the resegregation of college campuses, a resegregation imposed by the BLACK students. What an irony. When I went to MSU, black kids didn’t sit by themselves, nor was there a separate black graduation ceremony or any other such BS. Affirmative action changed all that. (At the end of this article, I’ve appended an excerpt from a Thomas Sowell interview back in 1990 in which he describes this phenomenon. It’s a good read.)  

The tragedy of the welfare system soon corrupted the high schools. As more and more black kids found that they couldn’t compete academically, those that COULD compete found themselves under peer pressure to NOT compete, which was denigrated as “acting white.” Of course, acting white by doing homework, etc., would make the struggling black kids look even worse. What a mess. 

 A key part of this understandable defense mechanism was the flip side of “acting white,” which was acting black, aka being a “bad ass MF”er.” This added to the mess. Glen Loury and John Mcwhorter talk about this in a 10 minute You Tube video I’ve linked at the end.   

About now, some of you are thinking, “OK, Burro, this is all very boring, but what does it have to do with the NFL?” Elementary, my dear Lombardi: To excel in the NFL you can’t just be a big, tough bad ass MFer, you have to be able to THINK. NFL playbooks, for both defense and offense, are complex and require hours of study.  

It’s sort of a chess match, the quarterback and/or the offensive staff call plays that vary with the circumstances, e.g., score, time on the clock, etc., etc.  Ditto the defense. It’s fun to watch as offense and defense dance around each other. Having knowledgeable announcers in the booth helps.  

On more than one occasion, I have watched games where every player on the defense was a black player. The opposing quarterback, who is sometimes also black, looks them over and tries to outsmart them; sometimes he does, and sometimes they outsmart him. Hours of preparation and study are being put to test, and mental screwups are going to be noticed, especially by the players themselves.  

Now here’s my question: If black players were, on average, dumber than white players, don’t you think we would know about that after 60+ years of professional football? Of course we would, and we wouldn’t be hearing about it from the white players. It would be the black players who would be weeding out the blacks who couldn’t hack it. I can hear it now: “Learn the playbook, n—–, or get out of my locker room.” 

These guys want to WIN. No room for kiss-ass racism in a meritocracy. The black football player must meet the high expectations and standards of both his coaches and his peers. Many blacks would also do well if they were in secondary schools with the same sort of high ACADEMIC expectations.   

Here’s where school choice would be a big help. Many parents want to send their children to that sort of school, which is rarely the public school. Ironically, the traditional opposition to school choice from liberals may change in the face of growing parental opposition to gender studies and critical race theory.   

Parents who want their kids to learn about gender fluidity, CRT, or any other topics that are (hopefully) being removed from public schools, should have the option to send their kids to private schools. So, too, should parents who have learned from the covid school closings that their kids can get a better education with home schooling.  

Last year, 22 states expanded or established school choice initiatives such as vouchers, tax-credit scholarships, and education savings accounts. Very few Democrats supported those efforts. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the woke crowd began to push for vouchers? Stranger things have happened. Stay tuned.       


Playbook complexity/necessity:                                                          https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2076186-welcome-to-the-nflheres-your-first-playbook   

Sowell at Cornell:  https://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/moneymag_archive/1990/09/10/86090/index.htm 

Bad ass MFers:                                                                                                                  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOKiKZeYZbU 

Two blogs from El Burro:                                                                                    silvercityburro.com/2021/03/27/white-math-and-black-math/ silvercityburro.com/2021/03/30/thoughts-on-white-math-and-other-absurdities




Thomas Sowell, from a 1990 interview, Money Magazine, URL above: Sowell at Cornell.  

Sowell: Racial relations on the nation’s campuses today are worse than they have been at any time in the past 30 years. 

MONEY: What do you think accounts for that? 

Sowell: If you’re going to have double standards for admission, grading, behavior and faculty hiring and, on top of that, engage in a great hypocritical pretense that this isn’t going on, it will only be a matter of time before the people who are not getting special treatment become resentful. Moreover, when you bring minority students in under a double standard, they themselves have a serious problem. They can accept the standards of the institution and lose all self-respect when they fail to meet them. Or they can seek to regain their self-respect through political activity — by putting pressure on the school administration to change the standards. When you give people those choices — meeting tough standards or lobbying to have the standards lowered — it’s not surprising they choose the second option. When you have the racial polarization created by this political uproar, blacks and whites are likely to be more hostile. 

MONEY: How do you detect racial tension on campus before you enroll? 

Sowell: In places where race relations are really bad, it doesn’t take long to find out. A campus visit will tell you. I always suggest you go to the dining room at lunchtime and see whether all the blacks are congregated over here, all the Hispanics over there or whether people are mixed around the room.                                                                                                                                                                                                  ### 

Addendum: Here in New Mexico, it was only last year that our lawmakers finally got around to making sure our black kids would also suffer from being helped by liberal educators. The Black Education Act was unanimously passed by the NM Legislature in March of 2021 and went into effect last July 1.  One of the bill’s sponsors said the act will, among other things, “recommend methods and practices that will improve education outcomes for Black students.” 

Why single out black students? Won’t that be terribly humiliating for the black kids? Do you think the recommended “methods and practices” will entail extra homework, after hours or weekend tutoring, getting parents to turn off the TV, and maybe special summer classes, or will standards just be lowered?   

Flat tax musings

Flat-tax musings by Peter Burrows 1/29/22 elburropete@gmail.com 

This is the time of year when the income tax gets peoples’ attention, big time. Most of us have no idea how progressive our income tax is, and we always hear that ‘the rich’ don’t pay their ‘fair share’, whatever that is.  

In fact, under our progressive tax system, in 2019 the top one percent of income earners earned about 20 percent of the taxable income and paid about 39 percent of total income taxes. By contrast, the bottom fifty percent of earners paid only 3 percent of the income taxes collected. Incredibly, the top one percent paid more than all of the bottom 90 percent.  

Whether this is fair or not is debatable, but one advantage of a flat tax is that it would put an end to all the “fair” nonsense. That’s a big reason why it will probably never happen. Politicians have so much fun with what’s “fair” and what isn’t. A more knowledgeable electorate would put an end to those politicians, but that probably isn’t going to happen, either.  

In the face of that daunting reality, let’s talk about the flat-tax anyway. First, a caveat: this is about the Federal income tax that is paid, not total Federal taxes paid, which would include Social Security taxes. In theory, SS payments are not taxes but retirement savings that go into the Old-Age & Survivors Insurance Trust Fund and will be paid back to the individual. The reality is different, but that’s a separate can of snakes.   

As mentioned, in 2019 the top 1 percent of income earners paid 39 percent of the income taxes and the bottom 50 percent paid only 3 percent, and all issues of fairness aside, this creates incentives for the high-income payers to find ways to avoid taxes, both legal and illegal, that have nothing to do with economic merit.  

For the low-income cohort, they have no incentive to be against increases in the income tax because they don’t pay it. Since they also don’t know anything about how the income tax works, demagogues go after their vote by railing about the rich not paying “their fair share.” It happens all the time and nobody ever calls them out on it. Republicans? Ha! 

As an aside, I think people who don’t pay, on balance, any Federal taxes should not vote in national elections, and before you call me an evil-dirty-bastard-racist-plutocrat, you should know that this would mean that I couldn’t vote in Congressional or Presidential elections. My Social Security benefits far outweigh any Federal income taxes I owe, which makes me a net tax consumer.  

As it is, since most of us oldies actually vote, the politicians have thoughtfully increased the standard deduction for those over 65. I bet most of you whippersnappers didn’t know that. It’s a small example of how our current income tax structure encourages politicians to buy the votes of some tax payers voters at the expense of other tax payers. If most of us oldies couldn’t vote, I doubt the politicians would have been so thoughtful.  

A flat–tax would work something like the example below. The deductible amounts and the flat-tax rate can be changed to achieve different tax totals.   

1) A standard deduction of $10,000 for an individual, $20,000 for a couple, and $5000 for each dependent. All income over that would be subject to the same rate, for example, 30%.  

2) NO other deductions would be allowed. This means no deduction for state and local taxes, no deduction for interest paid, none for charitable contributions, etc., etc.   

3) Capital gains would be taxed at the same rate.  

This would send whole bunches of people into a huge tizzy: realtors, charities, and 501(c) (3)’s, who receive taxable deductions and whose ranks include such disparate entities as Planned Parenthood and Prager U. By far, though, the biggest objectors would be tax lawyers, tax preparation services and IRS employees.   

Who needs all those people if income taxes can be calculated on a post card? A flat-tax would put most of them out of work and greatly reduce the cost of compliance, which has been estimated to be over $400 billion.  That’s BILLION. 

Some will object by saying progressive rates are a good thing, i.e., higher incomes should have higher rates of taxation. In fact, flat-tax results ARE progressive. Using the above example, a couple with two dependents and $40,000 of income would have $10,000 of taxable income and pay $3000 in taxes, which is 7.5 percent of total income (3000/40000). The same couple with twice as much income, $80,000 would pay five times as much tax, $15,000, which is 18.5 percent of their income. If they had three times the income, $120,000, they would pay nine times as much, $27,000, which is 22.5 percent of their income.   

Even with this flat tax idea, high incomes would still pay most of the income taxes and low incomes, those below the standard reduction, would still pay no taxes. I have no idea what the exact percentages would be across the spectrum of tax payers, only that the tax base would be considerably broadened and that the number of voters with ‘skin’ in the income tax game would be increased.  

As it is, “tax game” is an all-too accurate description of our income tax, and it is a “game” open to all sorts of political manipulation. If the Republicans take control of Congress in the midterms, I hope that they will propose a flat tax. Sadly, I’m afraid that’s not going to happen.  



Voting for Muslims

Voting for Muslims by Peter Burrows 1/22/22 elburropete@gmail.com –

This is an election year, and Muslims are running for office all over the country. Most are doing so without a whisper of protest. People don’t realize that Islam is an uncompromising theocracy that demands total obedience from its followers, and that includes Muslims seeking public office. Ironically, they are using the protection of the Constitution’s First Amendment to destroy the First Amendment. 

I would bet that at least 90 percent of the voters in America would honestly say that a person’s religion, or lack of religion, is not an important consideration.  Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where what you don’t know CAN hurt you. Islam is extremely dangerous and totally incompatible with our Constitution.    

In fact, Muslims see our Constitution as a man-made abhorrence, an evil that needs to be replaced with Allah’s law, which is based on Allah’s book, the Koran, and Allah’s prophet, Muhammad. Islam requires Muslims who live in non-Muslim countries to work towards that goal, otherwise they are living a life of “continuous sin.” (Verse 4:100 in The Koran, as explained by Tafsir Ibn Kathir. See also Sayyid Mawdudi’s ‘Toward Understanding the Quran,’ pg. 131, footnote 71 to Verse 4:100)   

Muslim office seekers will, of course, deny this, and here is where things get very, very interesting, because you can seldom believe a Muslim. Islam REQUIRES Muslims to lie if necessary to achieve what Allah has commanded, and Allah has commanded that Islam rule the world, whether you or I like it or not. (Verse 9:33)  

In such a world, only Muslims would rule. The Koran would replace the Constitution and the Supreme Court would be replaced by religious authorities who would settle any dispute by referring to “the Qur’an and the Sunnah (Muhammad’s life and sayings) and all concerned should faithfully accept the judgement that is arrived at.” (Mawdudi pg. 121) 

No church bells would ring, nine-year-old girls would become brides, recalcitrant wives would be beaten, fornicators would publicly receive 100 lashes, slaves could be owned and thieves would have their hands amputated, starting with the right hand.  The latter is from Verse 5:38 and is “a punishment by way of example from Allah.” 

I detail most of this, and much more, in my little pamphlet, “How to read the Koran (and understand Islam).” It’s a pretty quick read, 20 minutes, max, Introduction to Conclusion. There are a number of appendixes which flesh things out, but 20 minutes is all you need to get the essence of Islam.  

All of this should be common knowledge but it isn’t. Islam is protected from critical scrutiny by the mainstream media and defended by “Islam is peace” politicians. Add the Pope, many other religious leaders, and everyone who wants to undo a world order which they see as hopelessly unequal, unfair, racist, etc., and that’s where we are today. 

The useful idiots who ally with Islam had better beware of getting what they wish for. With Islam, they are riding a tiger that has been devouring the foolish for over 1400 years.    

So, if you think America should remain a Constitutional Republic, you should never vote for a Muslim. Never. Ex-Muslims are OK, but not mosque-goers. Ayan Hirsi Ali, for example, is an ex –Muslim I’d vote for in a second, regardless of her party.  

(Those who think that not voting for a Muslim is racist, but not if that same person is an ex-Muslim, are deeply intellectual progressives who embrace racial fluidity along with gender fluidity. You should never vote for them, either. Never.)       


Towards Understanding the Qur’an: English/Arabic Edition (with commentary in English) by Sayyid Abul A’la Mawdudi (Author), Zafar Ishaq Ansari (Translator) 


Thank you, Jussie Smollett

Thank you, Jussie Smollett by Peter Burrows 12/24/21 – elburropete@gmail.com 

(Here is some background for readers unfamiliar with the Jussie Smollett hoax and subsequent trial: people.com/crime/jussie-smollett-trial-begins-special-prosecutor-brought-charges/ ) 

Jussie Smollett might have been Time’s ‘Man of the Year’ if his hoax hadn’t been so stupid. Maybe he should be anyway. After all, he did more than any black since Al Sharpton to show how ridiculous black privilege has become.  

You libs are thinking, “What do you mean, Burro, “BLACK” privilege? And what’s with the diss on The Rev? If Sharpton converts to Catholicism, he’ll get sainted someday; get streets named for him, stuff like that.” 

No doubt true. Also, he’s long overdue for a NOW award for defending Tawana Brawley against hoax charges. If you’re not familiar with Tawana Brawley, Google-up her story. She was the Jussie Smollett of her day, some 35 years ago. Back then, the MSM was rife with racism and right away accused the black girl of a hoax. The dirty bastards. They couldn’t see what a victim she was.      

Sharpton should also get an award from the ADL for challenging the “white interloper,” black-exploiting Jews who owned Freddies’s Fashion Mart in Harlem. Google that one up, too.  Eight people died. Street justice, baby, and the ADL is big on justice.   

Instead of paying fines and/or doing jail time for his part in the above, The Rev got a news show on MSNBC. That was 10 years ago, and The Rev is now a millionaire, not an ex-con. Black privilege? Why, only a racist could think such a thing.   

“Saint Sharpton” has a nice ring to it, but “Saint Smollett” ain’t gonna happen. Smollett’s hoax wasn’t any more credible than Tawana Brawley’s, but you wouldn’t think so given the initial response. At the top of the dumb-ass list are the President and Vice President of the U.S.A. who both tweeted their support and indignation:  

What happened today to @JussieSmollett must never be tolerated in this country. We must stand up and demand that we no longer give this hate safe harbor; that homophobia and racism have no place on our streets or in our hearts. We are with you, Jussie.— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) January 30, 2019 

.@JussieSmollett is one of the kindest, most gentle human beings I know. I’m praying for his quick recovery. This was an attempted modern day lynching. No one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate. Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) January 29, 2019 

There were some equally stupid media people (if that’s possible). Here’s my favorite, the lovable Joy Reid, another black-privilege MSNBC host:   

Nooses never really disappeared as messages of a very specific kind of terror, but every time they’re used, my God, it’s chilling. Praying for Jussie’s full recovery. And for us all. 

The most telling piece of black privilege in this little drama was on full display when the Cook County State’s Attorney inexplicably dropped all 16 charges against Smollett. This was too much for then mayor Rahm Emanual, a white Democrat, and Chicago’s black Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. 

They, and others, raised hell and got a special prosecutor appointed to bring the black actor/asshole to trial. Now that the trial is over, this overlooked part of the story is starting to get some much-needed attention.  The State’s Attorney who dropped the charges has been accused of “a substantial abuse of discretion,” of breaching “obligations of honesty,” and has been asked to resign. 

That won’t happen. Neither will the individual in question serve any much-needed jail time.  Anybody with room temp IQ can guess the reason why.  An added layer of protection is that the person is named Kim.  

Here’s a five-minute YouTube by comedian Dave Chappelle that I think most of you will enjoy: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZXoErL2124 



Robin Roberts, another black-privilege TV host, swoons all over Jussie:  


Here’s 14 minutes of a couple of blacks discussing the Smollett BS. Most Liberals have never heard of these guys, but most Libertarians have. “Toms” they are not!! 


Random thoughts for the 2022 governor’s race

Random thoughts for the 2022 governor’s race – Peter Burrows 11/23/21 elburropete@gmail.com 

Republicans can oust Michelle Lujan Grisham next year, but only with a hard-hitting, issue-oriented campaign that gets the Republican candidate a lot of favorable attention, something difficult to do these days. 

As a card-carrying Libertarian, I usually find myself voting AGAINST the Democrat as opposed to FOR the Republican. Steve Pearce was an exception.  I liked him as my congressman, but his district popularity didn’t travel at all and he lost two state-wide elections, one for Senator and one for Governor, by 22 and 14 points, respectively.  

Steve is now chairman of the New Mexico Republican Party, and as much as I like him, I think he’s too much of a gentleman to approve of the type of campaign I think is needed to win.  I have a few kick-ass ideas that I think might work.        

Some of them may need legal vetting and some are unlikely to ever be legislated, but all of them should get some publicity. I think #1 might even get on Fox or CNN. These are serious proposals that the candidate could also have some fun with. The first five are education related, a BIG hot button issue, and all five lend support to school vouchers, which should be a Republican priority.   

1) As governor, you will recommend that the county sheriffs arrest any FBI agent who interferes with a school board meeting. The First Amendment’s right to free speech and peaceable assembly will be enforced in NM, etc.  You will order the state police to provide backup if requested.  

2) You will order the PED to ban any CRT instruction and any school district that doesn’t comply will not receive state funding. 

3) Any athletic coach who allows biological males to compete against biological females under the guise of transgenderism will be arrested for child abuse.  

4) Since some parents may wish to have their children learn CRT and/or subjective genderism, those parents can use vouchers to have their children attend private schools with that curriculum.  This opens up vouchers for ALL parents. 

5) Since COVID restrictions have led many parents to home-school, it is only fair that those parents also receive some form of voucher compensation. This would be payable if the home-schooled child scores at the median or higher on whatever tests are given to determine how the schools/kids are doing. The compensation could be set at 50 percent of voucher value, or something like that.   

6) As governor, you will recommend the death penalty be reinstated for anyone knowingly dealing in fentanyl. (Maybe meth, too.) They are killing us and we should return the favor. At the very least, dealers should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, depraved conduct that endangers lives, or whatever the lawyers can come up with. This proposal can also be used to dramatize the border crisis.  

The above ideas are easy for the typical voter to grasp and should give the Republican candidate a helluva lot of publicity, both pro and con. Sadly, if history is any guide, the Republicans will pick somebody too nice to take any of these recommendations and I’ll end up voting against MLG again. Sigh.   

Could an opera singer destroy Islam?

Could an opera singer destroy Islam? Peter Burrows 9/24/21 elburropete@gmail.com 

The Taliban are in charge of Afghanistan again, and as devout Muslims, they have begun to enforce Islamic law. These laws are nothing new, hundreds of years old, in fact, it’s just that under the previous government they weren’t being enforced.  

That’s not because the previous government was “moderate” as opposed to the Taliban being “radical,” or “extremist.” Those are distinctions Western infidels fool themselves with. As Turkey’s President Erdogan told then-President Obama, “There is no moderate Islam. There is no extreme Islam. Islam is Islam.” 

The operative distinction should be militant Islam vs. non-militant Islam, and as a general rule, Islam is ALWAYS militant unless somehow constrained. As Winston Churchill noted over a hundred years ago, were it not for Europe’s technical, and hence military superiority, it too would have been conquered by “Mohammedanism.” 

When the Americans were in charge, the Afghan government didn’t enforce Islamic law even though their constitution, adopted with the approval of the occupying Americans, boldly asserts, “Afghanistan shall be an Islamic Republic.” To actually govern like an Islamic Republic might have shown the Americans the futility of their mission, however defined.  

That could have derailed the gravy train so many Afghans were enjoying. The Taliban have no such concern and are busy enforcing Islamic law, and with the approval of most Afghans. A Pew survey of Muslims taken in 2013, after almost 12 years of American occupation, showed that 99 percent of the Afghans favored making Islamic law, Sharia, the law of the land. 

Since Sharia forbids almost all forms of music, I was surprised to learn that there had been musicians in Afghanistan performing in public. The Taliban have put a stop to that and have executed at least one of those brave souls and are hunting for others. They are also destroying musical instruments which also surprised me, since I didn’t think there would be any musical instruments in a country so dedicated to Sharia. 

Music, you see, was declared un-Islamic by Muhammad. It doesn’t get any higher than that because Muhammad spoke for Allah, and here is what Muhammad said:   

(1) “Allah Mighty and Majestic sent me as a guidance and mercy to believers and commanded me to do away with musical instruments, flutes, strings, crucifixes, and the affair of the pre-Islamic period of ignorance.”  

(2) “On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will pour molten lead into the ears of whoever sits listening to a songstress.”  

(3) “Song makes hypocrisy grow in the heart as water does herbage.” 

One would think from the above that Muslims would strongly oppose music. After all, Muslims are supposed to accept Muhammad’s opinions with “full conviction” (The Koran – V4:65), yet the musician reported executed had been a popular folk singer at weddings “across the country” for 20 years. Obviously, he was subject to the death penalty all that time, yet he not only survived, he prospered —  until the Taliban returned.       

This suggests that music, which is in our DNA, could be the Achilles heel of Islam. There must be millions of Muslims with musical talent going to waste, and hundreds of millions more who enjoy music but can’t do so openly because Muhammad thought music was incompatible with worship. 

I wish there was a Radio Free Islam broadcasting Maria Callas or Jessye Norman singing “Ave Maria” five times a day, right during their daily prayers. That would do more to undermine Islam than all the armies in the world. (Renee Fleming would be my first choice but since she’s still performing, it would be better to feature a deceased opera star.  The reason for that should be obvious.) Depending upon the culture of the specific Muslim population being targeted, it might be more effective to have a male opera star, and the late Luciano Pavarotti would be my choice.  

Since there is no Radio Free Islam, and may never be one, the least that should be done is to play Ave Maria over loudspeakers at those mosque locations where broadcasting the call to prayer has been approved, e.g., Hamtramck, MI. Ideally, Christians would go on the offensive and do that outside EVERY mosque in America. The more the Muslims objected, the more they would publicize one of the many unattractive features of Islam. 

That won’t happen as long as people are afraid of being called “racists” and “Islamophobes,” or as long as the iconic leader of the Christian faith, Pope Francis, remains Islam’s most useful idiot.   

(Maria Callas, Jessye Norman and Luciano Pavarotti, as well as many other stars, can be found performing Ave Maria on You Tube.  Here is a Renee Fleming performance: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CaEPSAO2Uk )  


https://seekerofthesacred.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/reliance_of_the_traveller.pdf pg. 316 




Islam will rule: It is written — or is it?

Islam will rule: It Is Written – or is it? by Peter Burrows elburropete@gmail.com – 9/19/2021 

Devout Muslims are not surprised by our defeat in Afghanistan.  They see it as proof that Islam is destined to rule the world, something foretold many times in the Koran, every word of which is direct from God.   

My favorite example is verse 33 in chapter nine, which says God gave Muhammad the true religion, Islam, and directed Muhammad to make it prevail over all other religions, “howsoever those who associate others with Allah might detest it.” In other words, like it or not, you despicable infidels, Islam is going to rule the world. 

About now, some of you are thinking, “C’mon Burro, Afghanistan is hardly ‘the world.’” No, but it is an ominous defeat because it took them only 20 years. When the Muslims fought the Byzantine Empire, it took them 738 years to conquer Constantinople. That was 647 years ago and I notice the Muslims are still in charge there.  

It won’t take that long for America to fall. It took only 19 Mujahideen, warriors for Allah, to take down the Twin Towers, kill thousands and entice the Great Satan to invade Afghanistan, where we suffered thousands of casualties and left behind great piles of booty. Allah, the Great Deceiver, has turned the tables on us and now we are the ones being invaded by thousands of Mujahideen, a.k.a. Afghan refugees.  

They will join some four million other Muslims at over 3000 mosques, where they will pray for Islam to someday rule America, which shouldn’t take very long by Muslim standards.  There were just 1200 mosques in America at the time of their Twin Tower victory, and only two million Muslims.  If they continue to double every 20 years, they will reach a critical mass in less than a hundred years. Allahu Akbar! 

Allah has directed his followers, “the best of people ever raised up for mankind,” to wage a Holy War until His religion prevails, and Allah will help by casting “terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved.” (See verses 3:110 and 8:12 in the Holy Koran.)  The last revelation Allah gave to Muhammad leaves no doubt:  

“When comes the Help of Allah and Victory, And you see the People enter Allah’s Religion in crowds, Celebrate the Praises of your Lord, and pray for His Forgiveness: for He is Oft Returning (in Grace and Mercy).” (Chapter 110, verbatim from the Yusuf Ali translation.)  

For many years, I thought Chapter 110 was simply meaningless platitudes, but Afghanistan has me trying to rethink it from a Muslim’s point of view.  For help, I consulted the Tafsir of Ibn Kathir. A Tafsir is a Koranic exegesis and one of the most respected is that of Ibn Kathir, a fourteenth-century Muslim scholar and jurist.  

Ibn Kathir confirmed Chapter 110 is the last revelation and, surprisingly, that the chapter is “equivalent to one fourth of the Qur’an,” which means I was wrong to think it was meaningless platitudes. In the context of the time, Chapter 110 was recognition of the massive conversion to Islam in the wake of Muhammad’s conquest of Mecca, and since the Koran is an eternal guide with no context, it is also Allah telling Muslims what will happen when Islam conquers the rest of the world.  

While that’s a very important message for Muslims, I was surprised at Ibn Kathir’s assertion that it was “equivalent to one-fourth of the Qur’an.” However, I was a helluva lot more surprised at what he reported Muhammad had said to another Muslim about Chapter 110: “Verily, the people have entered the religion of Allah in crowds and they will also leave it in crowds.”  

There must be Muslim scholars who dispute the provenance of that quote, but the fact that it has survived for over 700 years in Islam’s most respected tafsir is a powerful endorsement. Since the Koran asserts that Muhammad and Allah were always on the same page, something obvious to non-Muslims since we think Muhammad and Allah were one and the same, it would appear that Muhammad had doubts about Islam’s eternal appeal. 

Ibn Kathir, understandably, doesn’t explore that possibility.  While I think Muhammad was a brilliant psychopath who drank his own Kool Ade with gusto, I also think he had moments of clarity, moments when the con man couldn’t con himself. This sounds like one of those moments.   

Hopefully, the Afghan victory will mark the beginning of just such an exodus from Islam, thanks to the Taliban.  Their eagerness to implement sharia law could prove Islam’s undoing.  Wishful thinking? Maybe. See my blog, Could an Opera Singer destroy Islam?.              

Lesson Not Learned

Lesson Not Learned by Peter Burrows 9/7/21 elburropete@gmail.com  –

Since the end of the Civil War, there have been only two major attacks against our country that have taken place on our soil: Pearl Harbor, which cost 2400 lives, and 9-11, which cost 2900 lives. Both of those attacks were committed by fanatical adversaries who wished to destroy the United States.   

In hindsight, Pearl Harbor was the beginning of the end for the fledging Japanese empire. Will 9-11 mark the beginning of the end of the American Republic? The signs are ominous. 

Twenty years after we thought we had avenged 9-11 by destroying al Qaeda in Afghanistan, we have retreated from that country in ignominious defeat. It’s almost as if 9-11 was bait to lure us into a war the Muslims knew we couldn’t win.  

They know this because Muslims are commanded by Allah to wage war until the world is ruled by Islam, however long that takes. Afghanistan took only 20 years. The Muslim conquest of Constantinople took 718 years. As an unknown Muslim once said, “You’ve got the watches, we’ve got the time.”  

And they certainly do. For 1400 years Islam has been at war with the rest of the world with no end in sight. Until we wake up to that fact, every life lost in the 9-11 attack, every life lost in Afghanistan and everywhere else in the Mideast since 9-11, will be a life lost in vain.  

I’m afraid many more will be lost in vain because we’re allowing thousands of Afghan refugees to settle here.  Most of these are unvetted, but that should be a simple operation. Any refugee who plans to attend a Mosque should be routed to an Islamic country. 

I’m fine with EX-Muslims.  It’s the practicing Muslims who worry me, ones like Major Nidal Hasan, the Army psychiatrist who killed 13 and wounded 30 at Fort Hood in 2009; or the married Muslim couple who killed 14 and injured 22 in San Bernardino in 2015; or Omar Mateen, who killed 49 and wounded 53 at the Pulse nightclub in Orland in 2016.   

Those are the most lethal attacks in the US since 9-11. There have been many other minor attacks, although if you were one of the 17 people who lost a limb in the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013, or if you knew one of the “only” three people killed in that attack, you might not think it so “minor.” Ditto for the eight wounded and three killed at the Pensacola Naval Air Station by a Saudi pilot-in-training in 2019.   

Worldwide, there have been over 40,000 lethal terrorist attacks since 9-11. Such attacks occur almost every day but rarely make it onto the nightly news. That would disturb the “Islam is peace” mantra and open the reporters to charges of Islamophobia and racism.    

Here’s the tally from last month: Attacks 25 – Killed 123 – Injured 151 – Suicide Blasts 0 – Countries 11 

Islam is the longest-lived, most deadly ideology of hatred in the history of humanity, yet the Southern Poverty Law Center protects the Religion of Islam by labelling ANTI-Islamic organizations as “Hate Groups.”  This is political correctness gone mad.  

Our failure to recognize Islam as our enemy is suicidal.   The threat that Islam poses has been hammered home time and time again, yet we have learned nothing. 







Afghanistan: It’s more Bush’s fault than Biden’s

Afghanistan: It’s more Bush’s fault than Biden’s                                                                       Peter Burrows 8/22/21-  elburropete@gmail.com – https://wordpress.com/view/silvercityburro.com 

Nobody should be surprised that the Taliban have retaken control of Afghanistan. It was inevitable, regardless of who was in the White House. The spectacular incompetence of the Biden administration is acutely embarrassing, but that’s just the culmination of decades of embarrassing incompetence, bipartisan incompetence. 

Our Afgan defeat began when President George W. Bush, less than a week after the 9-11 attack, made his infamous “Islam is peace” speech at, of all places, the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C. I was appalled that a President could be so ignorant about a religion with 1400 years of God-driven hatred toward Western civilization.  

Since then, I’ve learned that when it comes to Islam, our ignorance is “invincible,” as the late Bill Buckley would have said. The price we have paid for this invincible ignorance is incredible, and there is no end in sight. Many more Americans are going to die because of our abject failure to follow a 2500-year-old rule of warfare: If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.  

We do not “know the enemy.” To do so would mean knowing the enemy’s motivating ideology, which is his religion, Islam.  Sun Tzu, who wrote “The Art of War” in 500 BC, also wrote that war is deceit, something the founder of our enemy’s religion, Muhammad, also famously said.  

The Muslims delight in deceiving us, and they haven’t been subtle about it. It’s perhaps more accurate to say we are deceiving ourselves as we follow the dictates of political correctness.  This is something the enemy knows about us, and they hammer us with our stupidity all the time.  If you’re reading this and you think I am a racist Islamophobe, you prove my point.  

The planner of the 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers was Osama bin laden, who openly declared war on the U.S. in a 1996 fatwa, which is a religious ruling in Islam. He followed that with another fatwa in 1998 which he begins by quoting the Koran’s best-known verse: 

Praise be to Allah, who revealed the Book, controls the clouds, defeats factionalism, and says in His Book: “But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war)”;  

The “Book” is the Koran, and the quote is from Verse 9:5, known as “The Verse of the Sword.”  In my little essay, “How to read the Koran (and understand Islam)” I write that my standard question to defenders of Islam is to ask them if the Verse of the Sword has been abrogated. If you don’t understand the question, you should read the essay: https://silvercityburro.com/2020/10/26/how-to-read-the-koran-and-understand-islam/

It’s only 15 minutes or less, introduction to summary, after which you will know more about Islam than Presidents Bush, Obama, Trump and Pope Francis combined. Sadly, that is NOT a high bar. 

Bush’s responsibility for the Afgan mess began with his ignorant, politically correct, declaration that “Islam is peace,” and culminated in U.S. approval of Afghanistan’s new constitution, ratified with our approval on 1/26/2004, when Bush was still president. Article One of that constitution begins: Afghanistan shall be an Islamic Republic.  

Game over. 

Our advisors in Kabul probably thought they were acting like MacArthur in Tokyo when they were actually Chamberlain in Munich. From that moment on, there was no reason for us to stay. We were simply an occupying force of infidels, hated by most and tolerated by one side in a never-ending civil war. 

The Afgans were only obeying the Koran, a fact we should have known, but didn’t — and still don’t. For anybody who’s interested, I’ll post on my website an addendum to this article that details the Koranic foundation for an Islamic nation’s governance.  It’s also in “How to read the Koran,” Appendix Two. 

For another, and much better analysis, of the roots of our Afgan problems, I strongly recommend the following by John Guandolo, founder of Understanding the Threat, and one of America’s foremost Islamic experts. https://www.understandingthethreat.com/the-cost-of-not-knowing-the-enemy/                           

For those readers who need more convincing, I recommend Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad by Stephen Coughlin, available at Amazon.com. It is an incredible work of scholarship and, if I was Mao for a day, it would be required reading for every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and every member of Congress.                                                                                                          

Since that’s not going to happen, the best we can hope for is that someday we get a president who knows what Islam is all about. My favorite would be Allen West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and ex-Congressman from Florida. He is now head of the Republican Party in Texas and may run for governor. I read his book, “Guardian of the Republic,” and was very impressed. 

It may be too late. Our defeat will embolden Iran to develop and use nuclear weapons. Hopefully, Israel will stop them. However, China may see our weakness as an opportunity to take over Taiwan, and who is going to stop THEM?   Joe Biden and our “woke” Generals? God help us.   


The Pakistani Islamic scholar, Sayyid Mawudi, translated the Koran into Urdu, the language of Pakistan, an undertaking that saw his first volume published in 1950 and his sixth and last in 1973. His translation included extensive explanations of many of the verses, so much so that his work is considered one of the most authoritative Koranic exegeses ever written.  Here is Verse 4:59 from his translation and his explanation of what that verse means: 

V4:59: Believers! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger, and those vested with authority among you; and then if you were to dispute among yourselves about anything refer it to Allah and the Messenger.” 

Here is Mawdudi’s lengthy footnote: 

This verse is the cornerstone of the entire religious, social and political structure of Islam and the very first clause of the constitution of an Islamic state. It lays down the following principles as permanent guidelines:  

(1) In the Islamic order of life, God alone is the focus of loyalty and obedience. A Muslim is the servant of God before anything else. 

(2) Another basic principle of the Islamic order of life is obedience to the Prophet (peace be on him). 

(3) In the Islamic order of life the Muslims are further required to obey their fellow Muslims invested with authority (ulu al-amr). These include all those entrusted with directing Muslims in matters of common concern. Hence, persons “invested with authority” include intellectual and political leaders of the community, as well as administrative officials, judges of the courts, tribal chiefs and regional leaders. 

(4) In an Islamic order the injunctions of God and the way of the Prophet (peace be on him) constitute the basic law and paramount authority in all matters.  Whenever there is any dispute among Muslims or between the rulers and the ruled the matter should be referred to the Qur’an and the Sunnah (Muhammad’s life and sayings) and all concerned should faithfully accept the judgement that is arrived at. 

The Constitution of Afghanistan, ratified 1/26/2004, is certainly in compliance with Mawdudi’s interpretation of V4:59: Article One – Afghanistan shall be an Islamic Republic, independent, unitary and indivisible state.  

There are five other references to Islam in the Afgan constitution, leaving no doubt that they took total advantage of our ignorance: 

Article Two – The sacred religion of Islam is the religion of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Followers of other faiths shall be free within the bounds of law in the exercise and performance of their religious rituals.  

Article Three – No law shall contravene the tenets and provisions of the holy religion of Islam in Afghanistan. 

Article Sixty-Three – Before assuming office, the President shall take, in accordance with special procedures set by law, the following oath of allegiance: “In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, I swear by the name of God Almighty that I shall obey and protect the Holy religion of Islam — 

Article One Hundred-Nineteen – Members of the Supreme Court shall take the following oath of office in the presence of the President: “In the of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, I swear in the name of God Almighty to attain justice and righteousness in accordance with tenets of the Holy religion of Islam, provisions of this Constitution as well as other laws of Afghanistan, and to execute the judicial duty with utmost honesty, righteousness and impartiality.” 

Article One Hundred Forty-Nine – The principles of adherence to the tenets of the Holy religion of Islam as well as Islamic Republicanism shall not be amended.  

Don’t worry if a foreign company owns Public Service of New Mexico

Don’t worry if a foreign company owns Public Service of New Mexico by Peter Burrows 8/15/21 –  elburopete@gmail.com, and https:silvercityburro.com 

Avangrid, a New England electric utility which is 82 percent owned by a Spanish company, has offered to purchase Public Service of New Mexico, PNM, for $4.3 billion, or roughly $50 per share.  The offer was overwhelmingly approved by the people who own PNM, the shareholders, last February. 

Public Regulation Commission (PRC) hearings are currently underway to determine if the merger is in the public interest. PRC approval is the final hurdle for the merger to go through, and, unsurprisingly, the “usual suspects” are objecting to the merger.    

The objections fall into two main categories, the first alleging that Avangrid and its parent company, Iberdrola, have a record of “unreliability, corruption and disrespect for the law.” The other type of objection argues that the merger “would allow a foreign entity to control the development and transmission of our energy resources, thereby exploiting our citizens and small businesses for profit.” 

That last was in a press release from “Our New Mexico,” an organization formed to “bring citizen voices into the discussion and debate around Avangrid’s proposed takeover of PNM.” I was struck by their blatant assumption that New Mexicans don’t realize that any and all “control” of energy “transmission and energy resources” is firmly in the hands of the PRC and will remain so, no matter who owns PNM. Ditto any “exploitation” for — GASP! — profit, something specifically controlled by the PRC. 

People who should know better are buying into this demagoguery, even some Republicans, one of whom took umbrage when I suggested that if she and her friends at Our New Mexico were so upset by foreign “control,” why don’t they pool their resources and make a competing offer?  In a similar vein, people who think Walmart doesn’t pay enough are free to start their own company and pay what they think is a fair wage. Easier to issue government dicta. 

Also leading the anti-merger charge is New Energy Economy, NEE, a Santa Fe non-profit whose stated mission is to replace all the fossil fuel and nuclear generated electricity used in New Mexico (and the world) with renewable energy. They, too, are concerned about both Avangrid/Iberdrola “misdeeds’ as well as “questions of foreign control and governance. “  

I’m fairly certain NEE knows that “foreign control” is a strawman argument, but I’m less certain that they know much about the fundamentals of utility grid management or how the equity markets work. They seem to think that Avangrid/Iberdrola should spend $4 billion to buy PNM and then turn its management over to a board of directors composed of only New Mexico residents, with 40% of the seats reserved for “independent” members, which probably means NEE and other know-nothings.   

Why, those horrid bastards at Avangrid/Iberdrola think the board should be controlled by people “with financial interests” in the company, I.e., by the people who paid for and own PNM. How retrograde is that?  

In spite of these objections, the merger is very likely to be approved by the PRC. The governor has voiced her support, as has the attorney general, as well as numerous environmental groups. If the PRC nixes the merger based on the concerns raised, especially the ridiculous contention that the PRC itself will somehow neglect to regulate Ivangrid, then I would expect the State of New Mexico to be sued, hopefully with NEE et al as codefendants. 

Before that happens, the governor will probably call upon the legislature to override the PRC. Remember, the PRC becomes a three-member appointed body next year, instead of the current elected five-member commission. The jury is out on whether that will be an improvement, but if the governor wants the merger to go through it certainly will, this year or next.